Huge Backstage Praise For Triple H In WWE: "The Culture Has Been Changed"

The WWE locker room speaks on life after Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon Triple H

Triple H has been roundly praised by sources within WWE for the way in which things have changed since he took over as Chief Content Officer and Head Of Creative earlier this year.

'The Game' took the top spot after Vince McMahon resigned in disgrace in July, and Fightful Select have reported via members of the locker room that "the culture has been changed", "going to work was more fun" and that Hunter's direction has brought talent back from an "all-time low".

In the full report, they said;

"With WWE delivering strong quarterly numbers, everything seems safe for the company in a post-Vince McMahon world. However, the backstage morale has improved significantly. Speaking with members of the locker room over the last several months, the culture has been changed based on those that were willing to speak on it. Almost everyone said that going to work was much more fun and easy going compared to the Vince McMahon era, with one saying there isn't a perpetual fear of getting fired for things you can't control. Another noted that there are still some talent that aren't being used effectively, but that it's a vast improvement over where things were in the summer. The creative input and ability to improvise more was also touted.There was a huge contrast drawn to the 2022 Royal Rumble. Numerous talent that we spoke with looked back at that point as near an all-time low for them in the company, from a creative satisfaction and booking standpoint, to losing faith in Vince McMahon as a creative force and a leader in some sense. One that said that they thought they would always maintain faith in Vince to some degree had it eroded from that show. Compared to the last several months, there still is optimism of Triple H's booking and creative, despite there being some hiccups."

Though not all of WWE's TV output is currently generating critical acclaim, the locker room praise jives with the broader response to obvious changes made since McMahon's departure, as well as prior reports of bad old traditions dying and general USA Network satisfaction.

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