Huge WCPW Title Match Headlines This Week's Loaded

Joe Hendry and Marty Scurll collide for the biggest prize in WCPW...

Gabriel Kidd Travis Banks WCPW Loaded

Loaded's return was explosive last week, and all signs point to another dramatic evening this Thursday at 8pm on WhatCulture Extra.

Watch the video below to get up to speed on everything that happened last week, including what set the scene for a huge WCPW Title showdown pitting 'The Prestigious One' Joe Hendry against 'The Villain' Marty Scurll on this week's episode.


After beating a game Kyle O'Reilly in an ultra-competitive main event last time out on Loaded, Scurll moves on to challenge Hendry for the WCPW Title. That match headlines this week's Loaded, but it isn't the only championship gold up for grabs.

War Machine defend the WCPW Tag-Team Titles against the ominous threat that is the Kings Of The North, and a fired up Gabriel Kidd is out for revenge as he puts the WCPW Internet Title on the line against Prestige member Travis Banks.


Elsewhere, Drake will look to gain some momentum by beating the 'Ultimate Air Devil' Angélico in singles action.

Loaded is available on Thursday August 10 via WhatCulture Extra, Friday August 11 via Twitch and Saturday August 12 on YouTube, all at 8pm GMT!

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