If WWE Superstars Were Football Teams...

It's all about the beautiful game...

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Wrestling and football are fundamentally different sports. For one, football actually is a sport. Though it may not seem like one when your favourite team loses courtesy of the most questionable of refereeing decisions, the beautiful game is a legitimate contest, and the outcomes of the matches are entirely at the mercy of the players on the field.

Also a far cry from the world of the squared-circle, success is purely based on sporting merit (excluding some of the more corrupt leagues around the world). Never has a team failed to win a championship because they weren't deemed popular enough. (Chelsea anyone?)

But despite being seemingly poles apart, wrestling and football actually share a number of commonalities. There's the aforementioned screwy refereeing - although one likes to think it's unintentional on the soccer pitch.

Likewise, the high drama and tension which runs between the two is comparable, each having the ability to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. And each has its standout stars and nefarious villains which make them worth watching; for every Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan, there is a Lionel Messi and a Luis Suarez.

Imagine if the two worlds were to collide? Which superstars best personify which teams? Here's twenty to mull over...

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