James Ellsworth Set For WWE Return?

Can he ruin another Money in the Bank?

James Ellsworth Mitb 2018

According to Mike Johnson reporting for PWInsider, jobber-turned-sort-of-superstar-turned-jobber-again James Ellsworth could be set for a dramatic (!)WWE return at next Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV.

Ellsworth, who was let go by the company in November, made headlines when he claimed the first ever women's Money in the Bank briefcase on behalf of his belle Carmella last June. The sight of a (largely incompetent) man hoisting the golden valise in what was billed as an historic match for the female division naturally irked just about all of WWE's audience.

The promotion really has the taste for billy goats gruff, as if reports are to believed, they have designs on bringing Ellsworth back for involvement in Chicago's follow-up next week. They just can't help themselves.


Enhancement talent Ellsworth rose to prominence in WWE back in 2016, following a memorable beating at the hands of Braun Strowman. He was subsequently handed a full time contract, proceeding to feud with AJ Styles of all people, before settling into a role as SmackDown wind-up merchant Carmella's lackey. It was a bit sh*t.

Since leaving WWE, Ellsworth has launched his own intergender championship belt, apparently in an act of penance for helping spoil last year's Money in the Bank event. Obviously it wasn't his idea - but he does have the choice to turn a repeat down. He won't.

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