Jeff Hardy Reveals Who Scripted His Recent WWE Feuds

Who was behind that SmackDown 'Bar Fight'?

As previously reported, it was D-Von Dudley who helped produce WWE's urine-soaked segment between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus on the 12 June episode of SmackDown. The skit was actually written by writer Zach Hyatt and another (unnamed) creative team member, but D-Von did his bit.

Was that "unnamed creative team member" Jeff himself?

The new Intercontinental Champion told The Daily Star that he's been responsible for some of his own dialogue during recent feuds with both Sheamus and AJ Styles. It was Hardy, for example, who scripted the sit-down banter before that 'Bar Fight' scene on the 24 July SmackDown.


WWE let him write his own dialogue for that, and they gave Hardy some creative license for the actual brawl itself too.

They didn't use everything he penned though; Jeff admitted during the interview that most of what he wrote "never happened", but appreciated the chance to flex his creative muscles in a cinematic environment.


It was his idea to sit and have a chat with Sheamus before the 'Bar Fight', and he's also behind some of his other (more recent) promo lines since vying to become IC Champ.

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