Jeff Jarrett SHOOTS HARD On Triple H, Braun Strowman & WWE On Last Night's AEW Dynamite

Choke on that Slapnose - Jeff Jarrett is still #AllElite and letting his former WWE bosses know.

Jeff Jarrett Satnam Singh

Jeff Jarrett made yet another unannounced appearance on last night's Dynamite, and wasted no time verbally eviscerating to everybody within guitar's-reach.

'The Last Outlaw' linked back up with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh ahead of his and Lethal's Full Gear match with Darby Allin and Sting to tear down the babyfaces and a few other notable people in a powerful promo.

Putting over his allies one-by-one, he credited Lethal and Dutt for their in-ring achievements and IQ respectively, before shining the spotlight on Singh.


Reminding everybody that the big man was "one in a billion" and had the Netflix show to prove it, Jarrett completed his salvo with an almighty shot across the bow, noting that;

“This ain’t no make-believe monster who wears red skinny jeans and is produced by the banana nose circus.”

That's Braun Strowman, Triple H and WWE itself getting ones in the plums, for those keeping score.


The comments felt as timely as they were barbed - Strowman chose some violence of his own after defeating Omos at Saturday's Crown Jewel, while Jarrett's recent release from the Stamford organisation came soon after 'The Game' took the reins and inserted his own team.


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