Jey Uso Moved To WWE Alumni Section After Quitting Company

Former Tag Champ quit WWE after blow-up with brother Jimmy on SmackDown.

Jey Uso

The Bloodline saga has taken yet another curious turn, with Jey Uso declaring on Friday's SmackDown that he is "out" of WWE after a heated confrontation with his twin Jimmy and Roman Reigns.

To give more credence to that story, has officially moved Jey's profile to the "WWE Alumni" section on their superstars page.


Jey lost a Tribal Combat match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Reigns at SummerSlam after Jimmy interfered and laid his brother out. The twins - who are eight-time tag champs in WWE - had both quit the Bloodline earlier this summer, setting up a Bloodline Civil War tag match at Money in the Bank, where Jey became the first man to pin Roman since December 2019.

On SmackDown, Jimmy told an anguished Jey that he double-crossed his brother out of love and fear that, had Jey won, he would have been corrupted by the power of being Tribal Chief, much like Reigns has been for the past three years. Jey invited Jimmy - who had started to walk off - back to the ring and offered a hug, only to lay him out with a superkick.


Afterwards, Jey declared he was out of the Bloodline, out of SmackDown, and out of WWE before leaving through the crowd. Moving his bio to the alumni section is the next step in selling that angle.

It's been reported that the Usos want to have a singles match against each other at WrestleMania, which is nearly eight months away. One way to close that gap without finding creative ways to keep two active WWE superstars apart for more than a half-year is to have one of them leave for a good while so they can't interact on television.

Whether this works and WWE can reheat the Uso Civil War angle remains to be seen, but for now, don't expect to see Jey Uso on WWE programming for a bit.


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