Kurt Angle Names 5 Dream WWE Opponents - No Spot For Daniel Bryan?!

You'll never guess some of the opponents on Kurt Angle's dream WWE match list.

Bret Hart WWF Champion

The latest edition of Kurt Angle's new podcast was a special Q&A episode.

Kurt's cohost Conrad Thompson fed Angle questions from fans throughout. Some of them were predictable (favourite match, favourite WWE moment etc), but the legend's answers were often anything but. Kurt even surprised Conrad by picking five "dream opponents" from past or present that he would like to wrestle if he had the chance.

Most will be shocked to learn that Daniel Bryan, who is regularly cited as one of the best workers on the planet by Angle, wasn't on there.


The Olympian started by picking both Bret and Owen Hart. Then, Kurt named André The Giant - Angle is aware that he would've been bumping around for the legend, but he's cool with that. Next, Angle rounded out his own personal list by saying The Iron Sheik and Bob Backlund would've been fun opponents for him.

When they were in their respective primes, obviously.


Bryan feels like a huge omission from the list, but Kurt said he thinks he could've made magic alongside either Sheik or Backlund too. Not many could've predicted those choices.

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