Kurt Angle Reveals His AEW Asking Price

WWE icon Kurt Angle gave AEW boss Tony Khan a very specific number for "10 matches".

Kurt Angle WWE 2022

Kurt Angle has revealed the exact amount he asked Tony Khan to stump up if the AEW boss wanted him to sign a deal.

Speaking via his podcast, Angle said that he'd requested a whopping $3 million for 10 matches. That means he would've been paid $300,000 per bout, which would've likely restricted Khan to booking the ex-Olympian on pay-per-views; Kurt didn't talk about whether or not he'd have been willing to promote those matches on Dynamite or Rampage.

In theory, he'd have been an expensive get for AEW regardless of what he was doing. Of course, there were also no guarantees that Angle could physically live up to the billing or give Tony the kind of performances retro Kurt would've.


The man was a pro wrestling machine in his day, but countless injuries and surgeries have caught up with him. Although it was sad to see his sharp decline happen, there's no denying that Angle was a shell of his former self during those final few WWE appearances.

This $3 million figure was pitched when AEW launched in 2019. Presumably, it was a bit too high an asking price.

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