Kurt Angle Says WWE Is "Erasing A Lot" Of His Career

WWE legend Kurt Angle "understands" this decision, but it still bugs him.

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Kurt Angle "understands" WWE's position, but says the company is "erasing a lot" of memorable moments from his career by refusing to highlight matches he had vs. Chris Benoit.

Both WWE Network and Peacock still have Benoit's bouts live, but he's not mentioned by name in text and he isn't searchable on either service. Angle thinks that's a shame, because some of his better in-ring showings came against the disgraced Canadian.


Benoit's life and legacy screeched to a halt following the double murder of his wife Nancy and young son Daniel, and his own suicide, in June 2007. Angle told listeners via his podcast that he completely gets WWE's approach, but he's still bummed that a ton of great matches have been lost in the shuffle.

Angle said "5 of [his] 10 best matches" came against Benoit, and added: "The thing is, if they erase Chris Benoit’s career, they’re...erasing a lot of my career". That doesn't sit well with the Hall Of Famer, but he quickly doubled down on his appreciation for the tough spot WWE management was put in by Benoit's grim actions.


WWE released a DVD of Angle's career in 2017, but it obviously didn't include any clashes with Chris Benoit.

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