Latest Details On Tony Khan's Plans For Ring Of Honor

An update on AEW owner Tony Khan and his plans for ROH following the recent buyout.

Tony Khan ROH

Tony Khan plans on continuing Ring Of Honor's wrestling operations as its booker after confirming his purchase of the cult promotion from Sinclair Broadcasting Group last week.

The AEW owner and President said as much during the media scrum following Sunday's AEW Revolution 2022 pay-per-view. Saying that while he still had plenty to figure out, Khan noted his intention to keep ROH running and utilise its sought-after tape library (h/t Fightful):-

"There is still a lot of things we need to figure out. The distribution is a great question and what we're going to do moving forward. It assumes we're going to do something going forward. I do want to continue the operations for it and do have a lot of plans for it. I do expect to continue the wrestling operations and it's also a very valuable library we acquired. Distribution, I can't say anything yet about what it will be and how it's going to live and exist. I'm very excited, not just about the library and past content, but the opportunities to create more content. Obviously, there are many other revenues streams, merchandising, that will be able to generate, but it creates a lot of opportunities for us. It's great. For AEW, strategically, I think it's very good that I also now own Ring of Honor."

On a potential streaming service uniting the ROH and AEW libraries, Khan said that while he considers this a good idea, it isn't entirely his decision to make:-

"I can't comment on that. There is a lot of things happening. That would be a great thing. With TNT and TBS, to add a streaming service, that would be wonderful. That's not all up to me. There is a chance to work with the great media partners we have and hopefully, create something. Now, going back to Ring of Honor, I own a great library and we've created hundreds and hundreds of great hours of content and now, on top of that, we're adding thousands of hours of also great content. It's a great opportunity. A streaming service would be good, but I can't say for sure. It's not 100% in my court.|

Then, on his specific ROH role going forward, Khan confirmed he will book the promotion himself. On top of this, he will be adding younger other wrestlers to an already-youthful group:-

"I am going to be the booker. I will be bringing in young wrestlers and they have a lot of young wrestlers. We're very successful here and doing very well here. I plan to continue to do very well with it and bringing in wrestlers can that work in Ring of Honor or AEW potentially."

Khan has served as AEW's head of creative and lead booker since the promotion's inception, though a December 2019 restructuring saw his influence increase opposite a decrease for the company's Executive Vice Presidents.


It was reported shortly after the ROH buyout that Khan planned on operating the brand akin to a developmental territory for AEW.

ROH is currently due to return from a four-month hiatus for its annual Supercard of Honor event on 1 April.

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