Latest On When WWE's Roman Reigns Will Wrestle Again

You might have to wait a while for Roman Reigns' next WWE match, people!

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns is currently pencilled in for a match at WWE's next Saudi Arabian special on 4 November 2023.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Roman will also return to television before that (likely early-to-mid October) and start building towards his next major bout. That Saudi PLE will act as a buffer between Fastlane on 7 October and Survivor Series come 25 November.


There's still no word on exactly what WWE creative has planned for Reigns at the latter pay-per-view. Currently, the rumour mill suggests he'll wrestle Seth Rollins in a 'Champion vs. Champion' clash, but that could play second fiddle to a possible WarGames repeat (without The Bloodline involved) if it happens.

For now, Roman will remain benched until the company starts hype for its next jaunt over to Saudi.


It won't be long until WWE gets the ball rolling on build towards WrestleMania XL anyway, so Reigns' creative should start to firm up over the next few months. There's also always the chance Triple H will trigger more Bloodline in-fighting by booking Roman vs. Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Solo Sikoa in a bumper four way too.

The man's gonna be busy then, but not for another couple of months.

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