Latest Update On WWE's Plans To Have Fans At WrestleMania 37

WrestleMania 37 hits Tampa on 10 and 11 April. Here's the latest on WWE's quest for live fans.

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WWE is still aiming to have somewhere around 30,000 live fans in attendance for each night of WrestleMania 37 on 10 and 11 April.

Dave Meltzer confirmed as much on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, speaking with co-host Garrett Gonzalez.

January brought reports that the promotion was hoping to welcome back a total of approximately 60,000 people into Tampa, Florida's Raymond James Stadium. The situation has evolved somewhat since then, with WWE reportedly considering taking a leaf out of the NFL's book by filling empty seats with cardboard cutouts a la Super Bowl LV.


At the same time, Vince McMahon's company has had to delay ticket sales while devising a plan for how to pull The Showcase of the Immortals off safely, which should be the ultimate priority in this situation.

If all goes to plan, and fans are able to make it inside Raymond James Stadium, WrestleMania 37 will be the most-attended wrestling event since the ongoing global health crisis starting having an impact on professional wrestling in March 2020. The pandemic's fluidity makes it impossible to determine whether or not this will actually be possible at the moment.

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