Lilian Garcia Interview: "Chasing Glory", Transition Into Podcasting, Returning To WWE & More

How did the idea for your "Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia" podcast joining the WWE Network come about?

Lilian Garcia: You hear a lot, “Listen to your gut. Listen to what your gut says.” Well, I think it was around May that everything was really going with protests and with COVID. A lot of unrest all at the same time. I looked at my husband and said, “You know what? I feel like I should take a break from 'Chasing Glory' for right now and for the summer.” Just regroup on my end and do a little bit more listening and soak in what's happening and also mental health, take care of me mentally.

I started the podcast at the end of 2016 and so I needed a little bit of a refresher. I took it off and was planning on coming back for the fall, anyway. I wasn't sure of the exact date when all of a sudden I got an email from WWE saying, “Hey, we'd really love to put 'Chasing Glory' on the free version of WWE Network. Would you consider it?” It was one of those things where I didn't even have to think twice about it. It was just perfect.

How has the feedback to your big announcement been so far?

Garcia: People are so excited. They see it as, “Wow, you're coming home,” and that's what it feels like. It's just in a different capacity obviously, you just keep evolving. It feels like the perfect marriage and the Superstars are now very excited to be on the Network as well, sharing their stories and really sharing their intense journeys. People think, “Oh, you made it overnight,” or, “It was so easy for you.” When they hear their stories, they're like, “Woah! You went through a lot to be who you are and continue to go through a lot.” That's what I think has been so inspiring.


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