Major Update On Giulia's WWE Status

After being shown at NXT Stand and Deliver, there's a major update on Giulia's WWE status.

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With plentiful rumblings over the past several months that Giulia was heading to WWE, plus the star herself being shown alongside William Regal and Rossy Ogawa at NXT Stand and Deliver last weekend, there's now a major update on the status of the hugely talented 30-year-old.

Per Fightful Select, Giulia has indeed now agreed to join WWE. While her Stand and Deliver appearance was an indicator of this, such appearances have not always meant a talent has signed with WWE, such as was the case with Kota Ibushi at NXT TakeOver: Dallas back in 2016.

Giulia will finish up her upcoming commitments, which include work with Ogawa's new promotion, but there is a belief that she could realistically start with NXT at any time. While Rossy returned to Japan on Tuesday, the Stardom co-founder stated how he'd done so alone, with Giulia remaining in the US at this time. As for Giulia choosing to sign with WWE, both William Regal and Rossy Ogawa were key figures in this.


Where NXT Stand and Deliver is concerned, Giulia was rushed to her ringside seat under a cloak. The former World of Stardom Champion was said to have been overwhelmed by the response she received at that NXT PLE, which would certainly explain why she looked visibly emotional when shown on camera with Regal and Rossy.

Not just was Giulia at NXT Stand and Deliver, but she was also in attendance for WrestleMania XL this past weekend. Interestingly, she was wearing credentials that read "performer" when she was backstage or out in the crowd.

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