Mankind WWE Quiz: You’ll Never Get 100%

Try to have a nice day and take on all three faces of Foley with the hardest Mankind quiz ever!

Mankind Mick Foley Hell In A Cell

When Mankind first reared his head in the World Wrestling Federation in 1996, even the most ardent of Mick Foley fans could have predicted just how successful a run the former Cactus Jack would go on to have with Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut.

Initially brought into the then-WWF as merely another monster for the Undertaker to overcome, Foley’s early tenure as Mankind was so well received that he’d go on to become a staple of the company’s programming for years to come.

During that time, the Mankind character was featured in some of the most insane matches in WWE history, and Foley would nab himself three reigns as WWF Champion by the time all was said and done with his stint as a full-time wrestler.

Think you know all there is know about Mankind’s battles with the Phenom? Or about those three aforementioned World Title reigns? Or even the ushering in of the Hardcore Championship? If so, this is the perfect quiz to truly test your knowledge, as we’ve got the ultimate Mankind quiz for you. And remember, have a nice day…

1. Mick Foley Chose Mankind For His WWE Debut After Rejecting What Proposed Name From Creative?


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