Matt Riddle SHOOTS On Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Lance Storm And Booker T

'Original Bro' takes on host of ex-WWE and WCW stars in profanity-laden Twitter promo.

Matt Riddle Adam Cole

Following on from an earlier spat between the two, Matt Riddle has again taken to Twitter to directly address the various wrestlers that have been critical of him of late.

In a diatribe lasting over, 'The Original Bro' shoots on Chris Jericho, Lance Storm and Booker T after letting rip on Bill Goldberg yet again. The NXT star hasn't been shy about his dislike of Goldberg's work, making public his disdain when the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion put in a regrettably poor performance at Saudi Arabian supercard Super ShowDown in June.


For those that may not be able to view the video, Riddle's comments (made against a rather...confusing soundtrack at points) regarding specific performers were as follows:

On Goldberg: "Man, I don't like Goldberg...he's made lots of money, but at the end of the day when future wrestlers come in or somebody wants to get into this business or a passionate fan wants to watch something good, I doubt they're gonna pull up a Goldberg match. They're gonna pull up one of my matches, or Kurt Angles matches, or Chris Benoit matches, or Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart, and I'll go on."


On Chris Jericho: "I don't know why you came at me. I don't know why you're saying 'Listen and learn kid?', I'll beat the sh*t out of're soft as hell, maybe back in your prime but I'd have beat the sh*t out of you even then. Listen and learn from me bro, shut your mouth".

On Lance Storm: "I literally fell asleep during your seminar I had to be woken up by you. To think, years later, I'd be NXT get on your Twitter machine and start talking trash about me...I'm ten times the entertainer than you ever were. Keep coaching, keep passing on the tradition, just don't teach them how to be entertaining because you don't know how to".


On Booker T: "I really like you Booker T, I don't want any heat with you. But, you said I couldn't work, I'm pretty sure if you watch a couple of my matches you'll see you were really wrong about that".

At time of writing, none of the wrestlers have responded - though the immediate buzz Riddle's gesture generated suggests there'll likely be some blowback as and when they get wind of it.

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