May 19: The True Story Behind Kane’s Most Out There WWE Storyline

Happy Anniversary!

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Certain dates are scorched into the minds of wrestling fans everywhere.

January 4, New Japan’s annual, glorious Tokyo Dome tradition, is appointment viewing in the age of on-demand content. On June 27, 2011, CM Punk’s earth-shattering Pipebomb promo created an appetite for fundamental change in pro wrestling that WarnerMedia may have just fed this week.

May 19, meanwhile, is the unforgettable date that sent Kane absolutely, particularly apesh*t—and think of the ground that covers.

Kane has played, deep breath: unstoppable incinerated monster, misunderstood monster, ladies’ man, a wildly entertaining hardcore f*cker up of sh*t, chain wrestling wizard, manslaughter offender, rapist, jovial strange bedfellows tag team partner, an internet smark who just wanted John Cena to finally turn heel, a corporate drone, and finally, fittingly, an actual schizophrenic.

Ahead of May 19, 2006, Kane played the role of a crossover movie monster in those halcyon days in which WWE gave considerably more of a toss about its dismal movie studio than Ricochet.

This was all incredibly contrived. Have you ever, apropos of absolutely f*cking nothing, said a specific date out loud in the faint hope that it may unnerve a deranged psychopath demonstrably capable of and more than willing to eviscerate you?


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