Mick Foley Shoots Hard On WWE Raw's '20 Chair Shot' Spot

The legend criticised WWE's booking of that Drew McIntyre angle on Raw.

Drew McIntyre

Mick Foley wasn't too keen on the number of chair shots Drew McIntyre gave Shanky on the latest WWE Raw.

Some may think that's hypocritical (Mick did take a few chairs himself, after all), but the legend explained further by telling Twitter followers, "20 chair shots should either be done to build a feud of epic proportions...or they shouldn’t be done at all".

WWE hyped the 20 number as huge, but they're weirdly downplaying it; McIntyre actually blasted Jinder Mahal's mate with a whopping 34 brutal chair shots to the back, not just 20. He hit a round of 14, paused, then went back for more.


That's when the live crowd in Dallas started chanting along, and it's when Raw's announcers started keeping track.

Foley was doing the same at home, and he didn't really dig what he was seeing. Mick obviously doesn't think that Drew vs. Jinder is a big enough deal to merit that kind of violence. In fairness, it'll never become anything important if they phone it in either.


The hardcore icon did say that he's a "big fan of Drew's" generally though. He just didn't like the angle.

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