Moose Interview: IMPACT Bound For Glory, EC3, TNA World Title, Heel Run, More

You've faced EC3 a few times before, but how has this version of EC3 you've dealt with recently been different than the EC3 of a few years ago?

Moose: He's the same guy. I guess everybody thinks this is a newly-branded EC3, but honestly, as they said, you can take a kid out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the kid. Just because EC3 walks around with dirty, skinny jeans and a black hoodie and a black towel over his head doesn't make him different. He just appears different. He's still the same guy inside. I've whooped his ass plenty of times and Saturday, October 24th, it's not going to be any different.

When this TNA storyline all started, EC3 was still in another promotion. Has it been cool for you to see this storyline come full circle in facing one of the former faces of TNA in EC3 at Bound for Glory?

Moose: Yeah. The story makes sense. One former TNA World Heavyweight champion versus the current TNA World Heavyweight champion. Both guys have something to prove. The story makes sense and when better to do it than at the biggest pay-per-view in our company's history Bound for Glory?

Have you had a favorite opponent this year at all?

Moose: I can't sit here and give you a favorite opponent, but I can tell you somebody that did surprise me a lot and that was Heath Slater. I'd never stepped in the ring with him, but I'd heard so many good things about him. I just expected him to be how a lot of ex-WWE stars are when it comes to a new company and that's not what we got. He's a great talent and I'm excited that he's with IMPACT Wrestling.


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