Moose Interview: IMPACT Bound For Glory, EC3, TNA World Title, Heel Run, More

Would you call your current run your favorite so far in IMPACT?

Moose: I hate to use superlatives and say this is my favorite. It's definitely fun and different than anything I've ever done, so I can say that much. I keep growing as a character and keep evolving and who knows? After Saturday, the 24th, I may evolve to a different character.

What was the process in bringing back the TNA title belt?

Moose: The show that got canceled because of COVID, the Tampa show, There's No Place Like Home, we were supposed to have a King of the Mountain match for the TNA title since it was a recall match going back to the TNA days. I was supposed to win that, but since COVID happened and shut the whole world down, we had to find a way to still incorporate the title without having the show and that's how we did it. I took off with it and that's where he are now.

You've basically been the TNA World Heavyweight champion since April. How long until fans see you challenge the Impact World champion coming out of Bound for Glory in what could be a title unification match of sorts?

Moose: I don't know. Right now, I'm focused on kicking EC3's ass and that's where all my focus is right now. If we do an interview Sunday, the 25th, I can answer that question and tell you it's time to go after the Impact World Championship. I'm not saying I need to, because I am the TNA World Heavyweight champion and I have the most prestigious championship in all of professional wrestling. If I decide I want to win the Impact World title, it's probably because I'm bored or because I want to prove something to the marks out there who don't believe that my title is real and just to shut them up and that at the snap of a finger I can win what they consider is real, which is the Impact World Championship.


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