Mustafa Ali BLOCKS @WWEonFOX Twitter Account

Wantaway WWE star Mustafa Ali backs his fans on Twitter...

Mustafa Ali Twitter WWE

The winding, protracted attempted exit of Mustafa Ali from WWE continued this weekend, as the wantaway SmackDown wrestler blocked the @WWEonFOX Twitter account in a show of solidarity with one of his fans.

When Twitter user @moxlore tweeted that they had been blocked by @WWEonFOX, bringing a screenshot as a receipt, Ali took action himself:-

This doesn't necessarily mean anything in the grander scheme. Twitter is Twitter, and never the be-all, end-all of any situation. Nonetheless, it is another sign of unrest from Ali, who requested his WWE release on 16 January.

Shortly after the 35-year-old had hit Twitter to let his fans know he had asked to be let go from the market-leading promotion, it was reported that Ali hadn't been brought back to television following a "heated argument" with Vince McMahon over a creative pitch described as something Mustafa would never have agreed to. He has been off television since losing to Drew McIntyre on SmackDown's 29 October 2021 episode.


A few days later, it emerged that WWE would not be granting his release anytime soon. This led to #FreeAli trending on Twitter at various points over the weekend.

WhatCulture will keep you posted with further developments on the ever-evolving Ali situation as they emerge.

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