New Backstage Details On Alexa Bliss' WWE Raw Fireball

Would Randy Orton have still eaten a fireball had he wrestled Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw?

Alexa Bliss Randy Orton fireball

Randy Orton's WWE Raw plans changed in a big way last week, as a hyped non-title rematch with Drew McIntyre was pulled on the eve of the show following the WWE Champion's positive COVID-19 test result.

Triple H leapt to the former flagship show's aid in Drew's absence. This meant getting into it with Orton in the opening segment, leading to Randy challenging Hunter to a fight later in the evening, which was eventually delivered in the main event spot. Because this WWE, this non-match even received a non-finish: Triple H vanished into thin air as Fiendish forces messed with the lighting and set his sledgehammer on fire.

Cue: Alexa Bliss appearing and launching a fireball at The Viper, who writhed around in pain as the show went off the air.


Per a new report from Fightful Select, while Orton's in-ring plans were obviously changed when McIntyre had to pull out, the fireball was always on the cards. Randy would have tasted the flames regardless of who he was positioned against in the show-closing spot. Heavy edits were made to ensure that the visual of this looked good, though the fireball wasn't computer-generated.

WWE reported "minor burns" for Orton after the show. Further storyline updates can be expected on tonight's Raw.

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