WWE Say Randy Orton Suffered 'Minor Burns' In Alexa Bliss Fireball Attack

WWE issue a storyline injury update after Alexa Bliss fireballed Randy Orton on Raw.


This week's WWE Raw closed on a wild angle, as the returning Alexa Bliss launched a fireball into Randy Orton's face following 'The Viper's' main event fight with Triple H, prompting the announcers to speculate on whether or not he had been "blinded" as he writhed around the ring in agony.

WWE has now issued a kayfabe injury update on 'The Legend Killer', reading as follows:-

"WWE Digital has learned that Randy Orton suffered minor burns to the face following the fireball attack by Alexa Bliss on Raw. The Legend Killer laid down a challenge for Triple H at the beginning of the night and was in a battle with The Game when Bliss emerged from the darkness."

On top of this, the promotion has announced an update on Randy's condition for next week's Raw.


The fireball spot came two weeks after WWE alluded to Orton dropping a lit match on a gasoline-doused Bliss on Raw, which followed up from Randy igniting Bray Wyatt to finish their TLC 2020 bout on 20 December. Current booking points towards Wyatt and Orton throwing down in another pay-per-view match at Royal Rumble 2021 this month.

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