Next Inductee Announced For WWE Hall Of Fame 2023

This name will be joining Rey Mysterio, Great Muta and Andy Kaufman in this year's WWE HOF.

Stacy Keibler

After plentiful speculation, Stacy Keibler has now been announced as the latest name to be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame 2023 Class.

PEOPLE revealed this news, with Keibler to take her place alongside Rey Mysterio, Great Muta and Andy Kaufman in this year's class.


As part of this announcement, Stacy told PEOPLE:

"I never thought I would be in the Hall of Fame, to be honest. I was completely shocked when I got the call. I had tears in my eyes. My husband's coming, my husband's family's coming, my family, my kids. We have friends coming from LA, from Austin. So it's really exciting, because a lot of these people didn't get to see me in action. I get tears in my eyes every time. How am I going to keep it together? I got to keep it together."

With a background in cheerleading and dance, Stacy Keibler's first foray into the wrestling business came back in 1999 when the Maryland native won a contest to become a new addition to WCW's Nitro Girls.


Known as Skye during her time as a Nitro Girl, the following year saw Keibler become a heel manager under the guise of Miss Hancock. There, Hancock would serve as the manager of the likes of David Flair, Shawn Stasiak and the Standards and Practices tandem of Lodi and Lenny Lane.

Keibler's in-ring debut came at Bash at the Beach 2000, where she lost to Daffney in a Wedding Gown Match. From there, she would be one of the talents picked up by the then-WWF when the market leader assimilated WCW in 2001, and Stacy would become a part of the Alliance.


Once the WWF vs. Alliance rivalry was wrapped up, Keibler would find herself managing the Dudley Boyz, the Hurricane and Rosey, Test, and Scott Steiner, in addition to competing as an active in-ring talent herself, before she departed WWE in 2006.

In terms of WWE, Stacy Keibler's most recent appearance for the company came back at the 2019 Hall of Fame, where she inducted her long-time friend Torrie Wilson. While it's yet to be confirmed, the belief is that Mick Foley may be the one to induct Keibler in this year's HOF class.

The 2023 Hall of Fame takes place on Friday 31 March.

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