NWA Powerrr Set To Return?

Good news for the traditionalists out there.


Nick Aldis has soothed fan fears that NWA Powerrr will never return to YouTube.

The reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion replied to a tweet that expressed sadness for the idea that Powerrr had fallen by the wayside and won't make a comeback. Aldis was definitive with his reply; he said, "Steve, let me be crystal clear: #NWAPowerrr is not gone. Stay tuned".



Powerrr was put on ice when the COVID-19 pandemic started, but there were also serious allegations levied against now ex-Vice President David Lagana during the #SpeakingOut movement earlier this year. In other words, it's been a rough time for the company, but NWA owner Billy Corgan has fired back at online rumours by saying the promotion won't be shutting down.

Now, Aldis is readying fans for Powerrr's comeback.


There's currently no timescale for the show's return, but it's encouraging that the NWA Champ is openly talking about things to fans on Twitter. In the interim, the NWA continues to partner with UWN for their 'Primetime Live' pay-per-view series.

The last episode of Powerrr to date was the 'Super Powerrr' special this past March. Traditionalists must be looking forward to a rebound.

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