NWO Twenty Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Turns out the nWo isn't '4 life' after all.


July 7 marks twenty-years since the official formation of the New World Order. The faction's inception was a turning point in wrestling, spearheading WCW's charge in the Monday Night Wars, and introducing a cutting-edge element long absent in the industry.

As much as the nWo can be argued as one of most significant stables in the history of the business, accusations can similarly be leveled that the bloated weight of the group eventually dragged WCW down with it, plunging the industry into a single-party state with only one dominant force.

The nWo had just three men at its peak. Over its four year run, membership expanded to include over fifty adherents, amongst them dancers, wrestlers from foreign promotions, referees, a pair of racist twins, and even Ed Leslie. Needless to say, it quickly devolved from an elite invasion force to every man and his dog-faced gremlin.

Since WCW's incarnation of the faction folded in 2000, its numerous cadres have experienced wildly different fortunes. Many have retired, taking up much less taxing professions as they enjoy family life. Others continued to tread the mat, and a handful are still active today.

Sadly, eight of the group's cohort have passed away since its formation. They are Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, Ray Traylor, Dusty Rhodes, Miss Elizabeth, Randy Savage, Louie Spiccoli, and Brian Adams. Their respective deaths mean that they will be not be covered in this article.

What did the rest do next? Read on to find out.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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