NXT TakeOver In Your House 2021: 10 Things That Must Happen

Title changes, nostalgic comebacks - everything that must happen at NXT TakeOver: In Your House!

Adam Cole NXT TakeOver In Your House 2021

WWE stuck NXT's modern ring style and old-school WWF flavour into a blender for last summer's TakeOver: In Your House, and they're hoping for the same kind of success in 2021. Fans can expect more nostalgia-rich content, and more mindf*ckery as they watch the brand's ROH-esque (circa 2010) matches play out in front of Todd Pettengill.

Oh yes, the one and only "Toddster" will literally be in the house again.

He's not the only retro favourite who should be though. Recent episodes of NXT teased another presence that'll go down well with oldies who grew up watching the In Your House series in the 90s. Beyond that pining for the "good old days", WWE must produce a solid card that preps NXT for the future.

It's no stretch to say that this feels like one of the weaker TakeOver cards for a while, but there should still be enough to keep it ticking along. WWE can make the night newsworthy by crowning new champs (one is unavoidable), teasing fresh feuds and giving Johnny Gargano the moment he craves.

No, it's not the one you're probably thinking of...

10. WWE Brings Back The Set

Adam Cole NXT TakeOver In Your House 2021

...but go even further.

Last year's In Your House set got people talking on social media. Perhaps the best thing about it was that WWE didn't stop there - Johnny Gargano was shown warming up for his match with Keith Lee inside the titular house itself, and that added so much to the presentation.

NXT's set designers could top that by going even more old-school with the 2021 version. Seeing the old red, white and blue ring ropes would be a nice touch, and so would having a classic canvas (instead of NXT's usual darker shade). Also, how cool would it be to see a Stridex airship doing the rounds at the Performance Center?

OK, they probably wouldn't slap Stridex on the side, but even a blimp with "NXT TakeOver: In Your House" on it would be funky. There are so many little ways WWE can speak to those who count IYH as a part of their childhoods.


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