NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II: 5 Ups And 3 Downs


3. Seven Nation, Are We?

Eddie Dennis Trent Seven

If you've not watched TakeOver: Blackpool II there's still a fair chance that you've still seen the closing spots from this match. Posted immediately by WWE's social media bods and then gleefully distributed by pretty much everyone on the roster, it showed Eddie Dennis having his Razor's-Edge-onto-the-exposed-turnbucle blocked by the referee, so just chucking Trent Seven over the top rope instead. Crew member or not, there is no easy way to take that spot.

If you're wondering what you might have missed in the 7:30 that preceded this thought, the answer is... very little. A story about Dennis's as yet unexplained obsession somehow started with Seven as the aggressor, before both men then killed time until the ending spot. The crowd in attendance, presumably about 5 pints deep and absolutely searing hot at the opening, quickly tuned out.

As a continuation of a TV feud, it was fine, but TakeOver's demand banger after banger and this wasn't the combination to deliver that; let alone open the show. Dennis will likely take the win forward for some compelling drama on the Network, but beyond that, there wasn't anything to write home about here.

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