One Iconic Moment For Every Year Of The Undertaker's WWE Career

An incredible career full of incredible moments.


22/11/20 isn't just the date of WWE Survivor Series this year. It's also thirty years to the day that wrestling fans first caught a glimpse of The Undertaker.

Well, this isn't strictly speaking true, because 'Taker had actually appeared in front of live crowds for WWF TV tapings. And there were all the matches that Mark Calaway had in WCW.

But this is way more poetic.

Since that day three decades ago, The Deadman has been a fixture of WWE programming and has truly earned his spot as one of the industry's greatest legends.

Making it to thirty years in a business as grueling as pro wrestling is impressive, but to spend that time playing the same character at a main event level in the biggest wrestling promotion of all time is simply unheard of.

Whilst it hasn't all been great for The Deadman, few professional wrestlers have given fans the sheer quantity of iconic moments that he has and even fewer have done that so consistently across the decades.

Such a mammoth career deserves an equally mammoth list, so we've gone over 'Taker's time in the WWE with a fine-tooth comb and picked out one iconic moment from every single year of The Phenom's run.

Three decades. Dozens of championships. Endless legendary moments.

Let's do this.


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