Original Winner For Impact Bound For Glory 2020's 'Call Your Shot Gauntlet' Revealed

Either way, Heath was guaranteed to earn an Impact Wrestling contract.

Impact Wrestling

At Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory pay-per-view, Rhino last eliminated Sami Callihan to win the second annual Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match to not only earn himself a future title opportunity, but also ensure his tag partner Heath would be granted an Impact contract. However, that wasn't actually the planned finish for the bout.

Per a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Heath was slated to pin 'The Draw', but an injury he suffered during the bout caused an audible to be called that ensured 'The War Machine' went over Callihan to keep both himself and the former 'Hottest Free Agent' active within Impact Wrestling.

While nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing, the belief is that the injury sustained by Heath may be either a groin or lower abdominal tear. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion tweeted during Saturday's pay-per-view, confirming his injured status.


Aside from Rhino's victory and Heath's injury, the Call Your Shot Gauntlet was also spiced up with the returns of Swoggle, Daivari, and James Storm. No word yet on whether any of the three are back with Impact full-time, however, 'The Cowboy' tweeted after the pay-per-view that he was heading off to Chicago, indicating he wasn't sticking around for the recent tapings.

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