Predicting The 16 Teams In The 2017 NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic (And How Far They Will Go)

15. The Ealy Brothers

Every tournament needs some guaranteed first round losers, and that is exactly what Gabriel and Uriel Ealy will be here. The identical twins have appeared on NXT just the two times, suffering quick losses to SAnitY and The Authors of Pain.

More losses are to come for The Ealy Brothers, but their weird charisma and energy will at least make them stand out among the first round fallers in the 2017 Dusty Rhodes Classic. It is unlikely that the duo will ever make a real splash in WWE, but they will fill a role that often goes unappreciated. Being unappreciated rarely leads to wins however.

The Ealy Brothers will more than likely feature in their third televised tag team match, picking up their third televised team loss along the way.

Prediction: First Round

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