Predicting The Next 10 AEW Stars To Jump Ship To WWE

After years of WWE stars switching sides, it looks like the shoe is finally on the other foot!

Chris Jericho WWE Raw Is Jericho

Since Tony Khan and his elite set of friends decided to create their own wrestling promotion in 2019, AEW has been the land of opportunity. It has been the number one destination for any wrestler who has been overlooked by their former employer, despite being immensely talented. A certain trend has emerged over the years that basically goes: WWE Star is released, 90 days pass, surprise ‘landscape shattering’ debut, former WWE star is #AllElite, cue the Tony Khan fanboy freak out.

But not everybody can be a champion, not everybody can be at the forefront 100% of the time. As a result, some stars fall by the wayside, thus they look elsewhere. This sort of situation is what caused so many WWE stars to jump over to the All Elite side of the border, but now, with the complete 180 that the Stamford-based juggernaut has taken in the last month, it could become the opposite really quickly.

Multiple wrestlers have come out recently and expressed concern with the way that AEW is run, sighting 'communication issues' as the reason behind their dissatisfaction with the company, and some even have gone as far as to request their release. That sort of stuff can set a precedent, and when there is now an alternative that looks greener on the other side, the floodgates could potentially open.

10. Dustin Rhodes

Chris Jericho WWE Raw Is Jericho

Blood is thicker than water is a saying as old as time itself, and the Rhodes family understands the importance of blood.

Dustin and Cody have crossed paths several times in the ring, none more famous than their encounter at AEW's first ever PPV, but even outside of the ring the brothers are never that far behind each other wherever they go. This was made evident when Dustin was one of baby brother Cody’s first priority signings to the new All Elite fed. The man formerly known as Goldust has been an excellent hand on deck for AEW, performing the role of an established veteran who is always happy to put over the next up-and-coming talent and make them look like a million dollars in the process.

However, now that ‘The American Nightmare’ finds himself back on the WWE side of the border, and the fences have been mended between the Rhodes family and WWE, it is only a matter of time before ‘The Natural’ is offered a lot more money to do the exact same thing he’s doing right now. Not to mention the fact that a Hall of Fame induction would be a part of the deal, as well as a lifetime position as a Performance Centre coach. Those two features alone would be enough to convince the 53-year-old to make the jump, let alone the pull of his younger brother wanting a family reunion.


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