Predicting The Quality Of All 15 WWE WrestleMania 35 Matches

'Work': The WrestleMania 35 official theme, and what we'll need to do to pay attention.

At time of writing, the rumoured/threatened 17-match WrestleMania card has settled on just 15.

In addition to the super-stacked card...and the Battle Royals and Kurt Angle Vs. Baron Corbin and the match that features both the IIconics and Tamina, Elias is set to perform a concert as the show's headlining musical act. He is as likely to complete a full song as CFO$ are - but who will interrupt to shut his mouth? And since WWE has refused to mention the actual location of WrestleMania - "in the shadow of New York" is the euphemism Michael Cole has taken to using - what can he take the piss out of?

With Elias set to be interrupted by vaunted WWE Legend 'Whomever Doesn't Agree To Appear At Starrcast, Quite Frankly', time is at a premium. Alexa Bliss will likely only cut an opening promo, which might, just might, contain a bait-and-switch - but the bombast and spectacle of WrestleMania cuts into the in-ring action. The Hall of Fame wheel-out takes a good five minutes - five minutes Triple H needs to gently lift up his thumb, turn it sideways, and then turn it down before cracking Batista in the face with a sledgehammer.

One match is going short, and it won't be the one involving the 99 year-old combination of the surgically-repaired and cardio-impaired...


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