Ranking All 30 Of The Undertaker's WWE Years From Worst To Best

From OG Deadman to part-time gunslinger, which of The Undertaker's years were the best?

The Undertaker

The beginning of a new decade gives the WWE Universe both the opportunity to look forward to a new chapter and reflect on the previous ones. This year, in particular, is a special one for one of the company's most historic performers as The Undertaker celebrates his 30th anniversary.

Yes, 'The Demon of Death Valley' made his debut at Survivor Series all the way back in 1990 and, in the three decades that followed, he unleashed a reign of terror and destruction on the WWE landscape - the likes of which had never been seen before - taking souls, digging holes, winning titles and launching the most famous undefeated streak in professional wrestling history. It's not been all victories and glory, however, as 'Taker has suffered multiple crushing losses (and a few lacklustre years) throughout his career.

Now, as 'The Phenom' prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his debut - and presumably move into his 31st year with the company - let's take this opportunity to reflect on all 30 of his years in WWE and, while we're at it, rank them from worst to best.


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