Ranking All 30 Of The Undertaker's WWE Years From Worst To Best

30. 2017


The biggest problem with the part time chapter of 'The Demon of Death Valley's career is that anytime he ends up having a dud match - or dud feud - it's usually the only time memory we have of him for that specific year.

This was certainly the case in 2017 as, in spite of an earlier return than usual, all of his appearances were used to construct a bland program between him and Roman Reigns in which he was supposed to lay down his yard for the younger 'Big Dog'. The only problem is that he already did this with Lesnar in 2014 and few actually wanted to see Reigns beat him at 'Mania - but hey, WWE listens to its fans, right?

Moreover, a nagging hip injury made him look stilted and off-balance, and he wasn't in his usual competing shape - all of which resulted in his match with Roman going down as one of the worst main events in WrestleMania history.

The faux-retirement ceremony afterwards would have been a beautiful way for 'The Phenom' to go, but it was almost better that he returned the following year because nobody wanted him to go out on that match.


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