Ranking Every Second Generation Wrestler In NXT

WWE's future is full of family ties, some more promising than others.

Cal Bloom Beau Beverly

A huge number of WWE's rising class of stars are the children of former legends of the ring. It's not nepotism; it's good genetics.

Wrestling pundits talk a lot about the "it factor," the innate quality that gives certain people a natural aptitude for the ring. There's an argument to be had about whether it comes from nurture or nature, but there's no debating that kids who grow up in the wrestling industry have a leg up on those who are adopted into it. That's why there are so many wrestling dynasties. From the Colons to the Von Erichs to the Anoa'is, it's been proven time and time again that good stock is an untrainable asset.

WWE recruiters know this well, which is why they're so eager to sign second-gen prospects to the Performance Center. NXT has been home to many of wrestling's scions in the past, and the current lineup in NXT is similarly replete with second-generation startups.

The children of wrestling legends are so often compared to their parents. They're less often measured against one another. How do these well-bred superstars compare in terms of talent, personality, accomplishments, and potential? We took a look through NXT's deep roster to rank and analyse the second-generation workers in WWE developmental.

7. Cal Bloom

Cal Bloom Beau Beverly

Cal Bloom made an unexpected appearance on a September episode of SmackDown, getting his head kicked off by a resurgent Sheamus. It wasn't much of a showcase, but the quick match was enough to impress Vince McMahon, who is reportedly high on the 26-year-old son of former WWE tag team wrestler Wayne Bloom.

The 6'5", 255-pound bruiser was trained by his father, who went by the name Beau Beverly in his short-lived days in WWF in the 1990s. Bloom was recruited in March 2019 after finishing up his football career at University of Central Florida. He's still a raw prospect, with a punishing style that befits his stature, but he has an explosiveness that, if harnessed correctly, could make him into a true phenom.

If this list was based on potential alone, Bloom would certainly rank higher, but that 1:43 he lasted with Sheamus is about all we've seen so far. Some regular reps in NXT's Wednesday night lineup could go a long way in showing the world what McMahon sees in the Minnesota-born second-gen wrestler.

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