Ranking What Was Really The Best Wrestling Finisher Every Year 1990-2020

Immortal Combat.


Honourable mentions are vast.

Bret Hart's Sharpshooter, invariably built towards with a gripping and immersive logic, wasn't spectacular enough to make the grade, painful though it was to merely look at. Besides which, he often won with pinning combinations that were sold as strategic triumphs and not acts of f*cking theft booked as flukes to justify a rematch.

Goldberg's Jackhammer was legendary - a hugely impressive display of strength punctuated with a fantastic oh-sh*t snap - but he wasn't the most entertaining bald icon of 1998.

In a decision many will feel personally insulted by, there is no room either for the super-finishers with which AJPW's Four Pillars enshrined themselves into legend. This, to be clear, is not a list of the best finishers ever - Kenta Kobashi's Burning Hammer's scarce and immaculate mythology positions it at the top end of such a list - but rather a list in celebration of the best finishers wrestlers used (and in some cases conceived) to get over as standouts of the given calendar year.

Some are so spectacular that they simply cannot be ignored. Others possess a pristine and under-appreciated narrative heft.

Some, thrillingly, have the lot...


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