Real Reason Sasha Banks Missed WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Here's why 'The Boss' was replaced in the Royal Rumble match.

Sasha Banks

WWE announced only a handful of this year's women's Royal Rumble participants ahead of schedule, with Sasha Banks the most notable absentee on a list including the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sarah Logan, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella.

This wasn't by design, apparently, as a new report from Fightful Select states that the Rumble spot intended for 'The Boss' was eventually given to Kelly Kelly, who subbed in for Banks on the night.

Why? Because Sasha is still injured.


Per the report, Banks wasn't cleared to compete on the pay-per-view, having not stepped between the ropes since 3 January. There's currently no word on what kind of injury she is suffering from, how severe it is, or how long she'll be out for.

This is worrying stuff. Last week brought reports that Sasha was dealing with an injury, though a conflicting story emerged a few days later, suggesting the whole thing was a work to advance the ongoing Lacey Evans vs. Bayley programme. Sadly, it now looks like Sasha is legitimately hurt.


Here's hoping that whatever ails Banks isn't too serious and that she's able to return to the ring before long. She's a hugely important part of her division.

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