Report: 40 People Have Now Tested Positive For COVID-19 In WWE

WWE's positive test numbers just keep growing.


The number of people who have now tested positive for the illness currently sweeping the planet had grown to approximately 40 as of last week, per a new report from the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online's Josh Nason.

A recent story from Pro Wrestling Sheet stated that WWE's positive tests numbers had increased to around 30 prior to the company's latest set of television tapings. It keeps jumping up - and there's a chance that the true number could now be even higher, given that Nason's information is a week old.

WWE has now conducted approximately 1,500 individual tests, having implemented the procedure following an unnamed independent contractor contracting the illness. Masks are now mandatory around the Performance Center as well, with the promotion fining anybody who fails to adhere - a regulation that came into play in the wake of two-dozen positive results following WWE's first full round of testing.


The only names to come forward and confirm their positive results are Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Adam Pearce, and Jamie Noble.

WWE's next batch of television tapings goes down between 15 and 21 July, with the promotion capturing all footage through the 31 July episode of SmackDown.

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