Report: Backstage Heat On WWE For Velveteen Dream's NXT Return?

Some folks weren't happy to see him back...

Fightful are reporting via their 'Fightful Select' Patreon page that some people backstage in WWE are unhappy that Velveteen Dream was brought back on this past Wednesday's episode of NXT.

Dream returned to work a three-way bout with Cameron Grimes and Kushida on the show, and ended the broadcast face-to-face with Finn Bálor - Dream and Bálor face off next week in a 'Second Chance' qualifier for the North American Title match at TakeOver XXX.

The report claims that a few behind the scenes believe Dream is getting "preferential treatment". They also don't like the fact that the company hasn't really taken any disciplinary action against him for recent transgressions.


Dream had an arrest warrant issued against him for smashing a car window, and there are multiple sexual misconduct allegations outstanding from the #SpeakingOut movement over the past few months.

The belief amongst critics internally is that Velveteen is getting away with things that might've got others fired by WWE.


What did you think of WWE's decision to bring Dream back on the latest episode of NXT? Are you happy to see him again, or do you reckon they should've kept him on the sidelines for now?

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