Report: IMPACT Wrestling Booked This Former WWE Star For Bound For Glory

The former NXT North American Champion was officially Las Vegas bound at one stage.

Bronson Reed silhouette
WWE/IMPACT Wrestling

Bronson Reed was at one point confirmed to be part of IMPACT Wrestling's Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

This is per a new Fightful Select report, which writes that the former NXT North American Champion was booked for the show before being unbooked for unknown reasons. Where, exactly, he would have fit into the equation remains undisclosed, though one would presume he'd be a surprise entry in the Call Your Shot gauntlet match.

Released by WWE on 6 August, Reed has sat through his non-compete clause, allowing him to wrestle wherever he wishes. Despite confirming he's in talks with major promotions, he's since noted that visas and immigration laws make this a tad trickier for him.


For what it's worth, the report also confirms rumours of talks IMPACT had with both Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, the latter of whom was all but confirmed to be debuting at Bound For Glory before ultimately failing to appear. A deal has not been made with either party.

Of the surprises that did make it onto the card, Rocky Romero, Melina, and the KISS Demon were entrants in the Call Your Shot gauntlet match, while Moose, the victor of that match, used the trophy to snatch the World Title from Josh Alexander in a divisive show-closing angle.

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