Former WWE Wrestler In Talks With "Major Promotions"

Where next for this ex-WWE champion, whose non-compete clause expired last week.

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Former WWE wrestler Bronson Reed has confirmed he is in talks with "the major promotions" as his pro wrestling free agency continues.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, the 33-year-old outlined what he could bring to the table in IMPACT Wrestling, AEW, and Japan, though he was unable to comment on his current preference (h/t Wrestling Inc.):-

“I’m in talks with the major promotions at the moment. I can’t really say any which way where I’m leaning towards. But I do think that what I do offer, a 340 lb man that can go, I don’t think AEW really has that. Impact does have some bigger talent, but no one that’s my mold either. So I think I would fit in Impact or AEW. But I am a huge fan, and I did wrestle in Japan for a long time, so that is definitely somewhere I would like to work again."

The Australian bruiser then spoke on the visa complications he has previously commented on on Twitter:-

"Granted, visas, immigration, and everything makes it a little difficult at the moment. So, for me at the moment, it’s sort of working on my immigration status. And hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll have an answer for the fans of where you’ll be able to see me.”

Released by WWE on 6 August, Bronson's non-compete clause expired on 9 September, theoretically allowing him to sign with and appear for other promotions. He has teased appearances in AEW and NJPW since departing Vince McMahon's promotion.



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