Report: WWE Were Still Finalising Elimination Chamber 2021 Card Hours Before Show

WWE left their Elimination Chamber 2021 changes until the very last minute last night...

Sheamus Drew McIntyre

WWE was reportedly still "figuring out" the Elimination Chamber 2021 mere hours before the pay-per-view hit the airwaves last night.

Dave Meltzer wrote as much in yesterday's Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer Daily Update, which went out just five hours prior to the Elimination Chamber main card commencing.

At that point, there was no word on whether or not Keith Lee would be involved in his scheduled United States Championship match with Bobby Lashley and Riddle, though WWE later announced that he had been pulled due to injury. Elias, John Morrison, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali ended up working a Kickoff Show bout to determine his replacement, with the victor (Morrison) taking the fall to Riddle on the main card.


Asuka's scheduled Raw Women's Title defence against Lacey Evans was scrubbed from the card as well. This was inevitable from the moment Evans announced her real-life pregnancy on last week's episode of Raw.

Lee's name was in the news for much of last week, with Meltzer reporting on Tuesday that something was going on with him, leading to him potentially missing the PPV. This was after the former NXT Champion missed Raw, with the show's announcers citing Lashley's beatdown the prior week as the reason.

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