Riddle Confirms He Had Recent WWE Backstage Heat

WWE officials were NOT happy with Riddle's comments about Roman Reigns.

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Riddle raised the ire of WWE officials with recent shoot comments about Roman Reigns in the media.

Amongst other things, the current Raw Tag-Team Champion said that Roman wasn't "moving needles" with his work on SmackDown, and that he was only in such a lofty position because he's related to The Rock. That...was never going to gain Riddle high fives and good vibes backstage.

The International Business Times recently reported on follow-up comments Riddle made during another media call. This time, he's playing ball with WWE's party line - the Raw star said that Reigns is "on another level at the moment", and confirmed that he got "a little bit of backstage heat" for blasting the head boy.


Interviewers couldn't convince Riddle to tell them exactly who was p*ssed, but it's not hard to assume that Vince McMahon and Roman himself were unhappy. Riddle also acknowledged that his words "weren't the most professional things to say", and joked, "maybe I got a little too big for my britches".

The outspoken worker has previously clashed with everyone from Brock Lesnar to Bill Goldberg. He's no stranger to courting controversy.

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