WWE's Riddle Shoots HARD On Roman Reigns

Riddle had some strong words for WWE peer Roman Reigns during a new interview.

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Riddle knows how to grab headlines and attention, doesn't he?

WWE's stoner 'Bro' has butted heads with the likes of Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg over his comments in the media. Now, he's turning his attention to current Universal Champ Roman Reigns. Granted, there's likely a little bit of gamesmanship going on here, but Riddle's words are nonetheless spiky.

The reigning Raw Tag-Team Champion told Bleacher Report that Roman "isn't moving needles" with his work on SmackDown. Then, Riddle hinted that Reigns is only in the lofty position he's in because he's related to The Rock.



Again, Riddle could've been working a bit with these comments. He likes stirring the pot, that's clear, but did also add, "I don’t want to say too much - I’m not trying to get in trouble". It might be a bit too late for that if a certain 'Tribal Chief' reads what Riddle had to say.


In fairness, Riddle vs. Roman would be an absolute banger of a match, so bring it on. Interestingly enough, the Raw star said he could beat Reigns up "in a real fight".

Riddle vs. Reigns in the Octagon confirmed. Only joking. Obviously.

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