Rock Band Reveal They Re-Recorded THIS WWE Star's Classic Entrance Music

WWE decided not to release/use this re-recorded theme for a wrestler's last run.

Batista WWE WrestleMania 35

WWE almost released a brand spanking new version of Batista's entrance theme for his 2019 retirement run.

Saliva frontman Bobby Amaru, who replaced original vocalist Josey Scott in 2012, told Reel Talker that the band re-recorded big Dave's classic 'I Walk Alone' track in the studio. WWE decided against switching up Batista's music in the end though, but Amaru says Saliva might still release their work sometime soon.

It'd be cool to hear what the reworked version sounds like.


Some fans likely wouldn't be interested, in fairness - Batista's theme is a timeless classic, and it might've been risky to change his music right at the end of his in-ring career. It's probably for the best that Saliva's re-cut was left on the cutting room floor.

Amaru went on to reveal that he and his bandmates would also like to do some stuff for AEW in the future. Saliva recognise how big a part pro wrestling has played in their career as a band, and they're not ruling out doing some work with Tony Khan's promotion.


Get that 'I Walk Alone' redo released first though, lads.

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