Roman Reigns Compares WWE Raw To Fast Food

Enjoy your McMonday Night!


Roman Reigns has hilariously compared Monday Night Raw to a McDonalds cheeseburger.

During a recent Facebook meet and greet session hosted by Mania Club, the current Universal Champion said that the real "filet mignon" of WWE could be found on SmackDown. Reigns was referring to the quality of storytelling across the promotion's two major brands.

According to him, Raw is fine for a fast food style fix, but it doesn't quite live long in the memory like an episode of Friday night TV. The rather odd thing here is that Raw, at three hours long, is anything but "fast"; it's SmackDown, with its handy two-hour format, that flies past a little quicker.


Still, one can see what Roman was going for, and it's hardly a bad thing that he's talking up his own show.

Reigns described WWE viewers as "fast food fans" who complain that the company don't produce thought-out stories. Then, Roman claims, those same people bitch and moan that they want the opposite when a multi-layered angle does come along.


The champ used enough food-related word play to make your head spin. He also said that SmackDown was "creating an elaborate omelette". Steak and eggs? Classy.

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