Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan Set For WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Tag Match

Third match for PPV confirmed on SmackDown.

Reigns Bryan Harper Rowan Hell in a Cell 2019

As we all expected, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns will collide with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell next weekend.

The tag contest was made official on last night's SmackDown, when Reigns hit the ring to save new buddy Bryan from an assault by Rowan and Harper. The Yes-Man had lost a match to his former lackey moments earlier, in no large part thanks to an assist from the recently returned second Bludgeon Brother.

Luke Harper returned to main roster action following a lengthy spell in abeyance at this month's Clash of Champions pay-per-view, helping his perennial tag team partner to a huge victory over former Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Since then, the relationship between Bryan and Rowan has disintegrated - leading to this huge tag team contest.

The match is the third announced for Hell in a Cell. Bray Wyatt is scheduled to contest Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship, whilst Raw Women's champ Becky Lynch defends her belt against the challenge of Sasha Banks. Both matches are set to take place within the eponymous structure.

Hell in a Cell 2019 takes places 6 October, from Sacramento, CA's Golden One Center.

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