Roman Reigns Wins Historic WWE SmackDown Hell In A Cell Main Event

Add the legendary Rey Mysterio to Roman Reigns' WWE babyface hit list.

Roman Reigns Rey Mysterio

Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Title during a historic Hell In A Cell headliner on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown.

Despite being presented as the clear underdog, Rey Mysterio was given a ton of offensive flurries and hope spots throughout the cage-based bout. At one point, Rey even wrapped a steel chair around Roman's throat and tossed him into the Cell itself.

They did some great work with Mysterio's vengeful father approach.


WWE gave the match a lot of hype going in, but questions will be asked about whether or not the mini-feud between these guys deserved to be inside HIAC at all. The quality of work on show was high though, so there's also a chance that WWE could've stuck this on Sunday's pay-per-view without major complaints.

Both Roman and Rey have a lot of credit in the bank with fans.


Reigns' Universal Title run has been going for 291 days. He bagged the belt from Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' (by pinning Braun Strowman in a Triple Threat) at Payback on 30 August 2020. It's unclear who will emerge as Roman's next challenger going forwards.

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